The Chetwode team supports you in the valuation of stocks

L’équipe Chetwode vous accompagne dans la valorisation des stocks

In our company, our experts have a very thorough specialisation in stock valuation but not only.

They can also assist you in financial engineering, in structuring your finances and with your international business. In this article, discover 4 Chetwode experts who can help you with the valuation of your company’s stocks.

1. Christopher Jewell : partner Chetwode

Christopher Jewell - valorisation des stocks

Christopher Jewell is one of the founding partners of Chetwode.

He has 50 years of professional experience and handles asset management, valuation and remarketing activities for our company. In this way, he helps to create value for the equipment secured. This is because he first carries out a valuation and then finalises it on the ground in the factories. But that’s not all. He checks the condition of the equipment and monitors the collateral value guaranteed every year.

2. Lean Ainscough : Head of Expertise and Stock Valuation

Lean Ainscough

Lean Ainscoucough has been the Head of Valuation and Valuation at Chetwode for the past 5 years.
She started her career as an auctioneer in industry and then decided to move into the field of international asset finance and leasing.

She has now been working in this sector for 25 years, which gives her the opportunity to specialise in a wide range of industrial areas.

3. Tom Kelly : expert Equipment

Tom Kelly - valorisation des stocks

Tom Kelly has been an expert in Chetwode’s Equipment business line since its inception in 2009. He specialises in the assessment of plant and equipment. He has over 40 years of professional experience in this field. He works with Léan Ainscough and Chris Jewell in the Equipment line.

Finally, Tom is also a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and has Registered RICS Valuer status.

4. Mael Guégan : business manager

Mael Guégan

Mael Guégan has been an account manager in Chetwode’s front office since 2020.

He worked for 5 years at Bpifrance for the management of structured finance in SMEs and ETIs.

His preferred sectors are the environment, real estate and public service delegation. He has developed significant expertise in working capital requirements, international development and cash flow.

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