Our asset finance solutions

Chetwode can propose alternative financing solutions, specifically adapted to each industry, allowing you to quickly achieve your development targets whilst respecting your technical and budgetary constraints.

NovaWatt, producteur indépendant opérant sur le marché libre de l’électricité

Equipment financing

Equipment financing

Does your company own production equipment? Are you looking to generate liquidity?
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Inventory financing

Inventory financing

Does your company hold stocks that you could use to raise new financing?
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Vendor finance

Vendor finance

Are you looking for a solution to boost your sales?
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Green Asset Finance

Green Asset Finance

Do you wish to reduce your environmental impact?
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Is your company seeking tailor made advice to finance its growth?
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Do you want to value your assets?
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Why consider asset financing?

Digitalisation and process transformation



Working capital requirements

Production optimisation

Energy transition projects

International development

Eligibility criteria

Companies with at least 3 years existence

Consolidated turnover higher than 20M€


Net debt to Ebitda ratio: up to 6.0x

Tailor-made financing solutions


New or existing production equipment


All types of industrial and commercial activities

Amount: 3M€ to 50M€

Maturity: 3 to 7 years
Depreciation: linear, progressive
Geographical area: euro area

Equipment financing

Inventory financing

Vendor finance

Equipment as a service! 

Chetwode has developed a vendor lease program to encourage companies to rent new equipment instead of acquiring it.

Green Asset Finance

With its Green asset finance offer, Chetwode supports industrial companies in their energy and ecological transition.


Chetwode provides financial advice to industrial companies to support their fund raising strategy: equity, quasi-equity, for amounts from 10M€.


Asset valuation is at the very heart of Chetwode’s know-how, including as a stand alone activity outside the context of a financing transaction:  
  • Targeted asset valuation for external growth operations
  • Asset valuation for the purpose of capital base (equity) strengthening
Do not hesitate to call upon our experts to value your assets (equipment and stocks), on the basis of a desk top study and/or an on-site visit.

Les Équipements Financés

  • Equipement stratégique pour l’entreprise et à faible obsolescence
  • Equipement utilisable dans des industries connexes
  • Equipement bien maintenu
  • Existence d’un marché secondaire attractif  & liquide
  • Valeur de marché à la revente (Fair Market Value) > au montant recherché (pour les actifs existants)

Machine outils


Lignes d'injection plastique

Lignes d'embouteillage

Equipements industriels

Équipements logistiques

Les Stocks Financés

Sélection des stocks mobilisables sur des bases multicritères :
taux de rotation, obsolescence, clause de réserve de propriété, dépréciation – sont exclus alcool distillé, et produits périssables …

Les stocks finançables doivent être mobilisés dans les entrepôts uniquement.

Exemples de stocks financés :

Agriculture & agroalimentaire


Vente de détail

Industries B2B ou B2C

Equipment financed

  • Strategic and low obsolescence equipment
  • Equipment that can be used in related industries
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Existence of an attractive and liquid secondary market
  • Fair market value > amount financed (for existing assets)

Machine tools


Plastic injection lines

Bottling lines

Industrial equipment

Logistics equipment

Inventory financed

Multi-criteria selection of available inventories:
Turnover rate, obsolescence, ownership reserve clause, depreciator – distilled alcohol and perishable goods… are excluded.

Only inventories in warehouses eligible for financing.

Examples of inventory financed:

Agriculture and food industry



B2B or B2C industries