Asset financing: alternative solutions

The 5th edition of the “Rencontres du Financement de l’Economie” organised by Option Finance, took place on 27th March 2018. Flashback to the intervention of Jean-Baptiste Magnen, President of Chetwode.

In response to the reluctance of some banks to grant long-term loans, alternative solutions like sale and leaseback allow SMEs and intermediate size companies to finance their investments through their production equipment. 

At the round table on Asset Financing, Jean-Baptiste Magnen recalled the principle of sale and leaseback,  a mechanism whereby cash is generated through the sale of one or several assets (industrial site or machine tools).

He explained how Chageurs Group, facing banks’ reluctance to finance them (due to significant financial difficulties), managed to  return to a significant revenue growth and target new clothing niches, thanks to a €6,2M sale and leaseback financing.

Because they meet CEOs’ and CFOs’ concerns and expectations, the “Rencontres du Financement de l’Economie” have become a key event. We were delighted to make our contribution to the round table on Asset Financing, which focused on reviewing the alternatives made available to companies to obtain the capital they need to sustain their development” comments Jean-Baptiste Magnen.

Asset financing : alternative solutions

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