Our alternative financing solutions

In addition to your usual credit lines, ChetWode can propose alternative financing solutions, allowing you to quickly achieve your development targets whilst respecting your technical and budgetary constraints.

Sale & leaseback

Does your company own production equipment?  Do you wish to generate liquidity in order to finance a development project ? ChetWode can buy your production equipment whilst you continue to use it and pay lease rentals. A sale & leaseback allows you to use your production equipment as a real tool for growth!


Is your company seeking to acquire new production equipment whilst minimising impact on cash reserves and bank credit lines? ChetWode can directly finance the acquisition of your equipment via the supplier. Your company benefits from the use of the equipment in return for rental payments of between 3 & 7 years.

Operating lease

Are you seeking to optimise your balance sheet and reduce the cost of financing? For over 10 years, ChetWode has advised and assisted major international companies with the use of operating leasing as a means to finance their new and existing equipment.

An operating lease allows you to optimise the accounting treatment of the transaction and to share the risk between various financial parties (lender and residual value guarantor).

Stock financing

Is your company seeking to use the value of its stocks to fund its business plans ? ChetWode helps you release the value in your warehouse, whether they be raw materials, finished products…

After review of your stock by ACTENE, a specialist in stock financing, and with a financing requirement of 10M€+, ChetWode will seek to offer you a mid-term financing solution. Several technical solutions of stock financing will be explored : (possessory) pledge, trust…

ChetWode will also put you in touch with a trusted third party as your partner in stock financing (mortgagee or trustee).

Financial advice

Benefitting from the wealth of financial expertise acquired by its directors during the course of their careers in large financial institutions, ChetWode is also able to provide advice across various areas of operational and development finance: working capital requirements (e.g. overdraft facilities, factoring, credit insurance), complex or structured credit operations, acquisition finance, mezzanine debt or new equity injection.

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