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Pourquoi opter pour la valorisation d’actifs ?

Valuation of assets is the core expertise of Chetwode’s services, even outside of a financing situation.

In this article you will find out why it is important to choose valuation of assets and then other solutions used in asset valuation such as equipment financing and inventory financing.

1. What are the 3 reasons to choose valuation of assets ?

Valuation of assets provides important insights into the creation of financial models and risk analysis, it :

Ensures that the equipment attached to a lease is adequately secured in the event of non-payment by the lessee
Then secures the financial partners by proving that there is a method of getting out when there is a default
And also can show that the equipment is critical to the tenant’s work or really a fundamental tactic for him.

In order to implement the valuation of assets on stock and equipment, our employees rely on a thorough analysis of the documents and often also on an on-site visit to the premises.

2. The importance of equipment financing in Sale and Leaseback in valuation of assets

  • The cash benefit is instantaneous and then cash is generated to implement new development and reorganisation projects
  • In addition, the improvement of impaired materials on the balance sheet allowing for an increase in equity in certain cases
  • And the development of a rental charge that replaces the financial asset

Further benefits of selecting equipment finance for your future projects can be found here.

3. Arguments that will make you opt for inventory financing in order to increase the value of your assets

If you want to add value to your assets, inventory financing may be the most appropriate option for your investment projects. This decision will allow you to obtain additional resources not previously exploited:

  • Prevents physical dismemberment of the asset
  • Generates funds secured with other current assets
  • Gives the possibility of financing new projects as the capital raised will not necessarily be allocated to stocks
  • Changes stocks from being an expense to being a financial asset
  • Makes it possible to refinance 60-70% of the inventory

You can find out more about inventory financing here.

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