What is the history of Chetwode and where is the company today?

What is the history of Chetwode and where is the company today?

The history of Chetwode began in 2003. The founders had extensive expertise in the European equipment management and leasing fields.

The company currently assists European companies in the structuring and management of asset finance. SMEs have a strong demand for financing, so Chetwode supports them in their industrial financing (the field is expanding), both in leasing and in sale and leaseback. Chetwode has a network of investment funds, banks, insurers and suppliers and can also offer financing solutions to multinationals today.

In this article we will look at why Chetwode was named as it is, the history of its logo and the results of the company today.

1. Why Chetwode is called Chetwode ?

The solution lies in the UK, specifically in the county of Oxfordshire. In 2003, when Jean Baptiste Magnen, Simon Hamilton and Michael Thorley were selecting an English name and looking through lists of English villages, they found… Chetwode.

This name spoke to Simon Hamilton straight away because it’s his third name. It’s quite amazing.

Looking more closely at the history, Jean Baptiste Magnen and Simon Hamilton saw that there was a manor house, Chetwode Manor, the manor house of Odon de Bayeux in 1086. He is the half-brother of William the Conqueror!

Odon of Bayeux’s conquests (with his half-brother) enabled him to become one of the richest people in England. He was able to acquire large territories, including Chetwode. The manor remained in the family from the 11th century until 1966.

The Chetwode company was privileged to visit the manor with the current owners at a seminar in 2018.

2. What does the history of the Chetwode logo mean?

First of all, we can talk about the colours. The “blue” shows the trust and reliability of the services.  The “orange” highlights the energy of the teams and the innovation.

Then the star symbols in the logo represent success, knowledge and wisdom.

And finally, the logo’s sans serif font is refined and natural to emphasise the desire for accessibility.

3. How is Chetwode doing in terms of numbers for its 2021 balance sheet?

Chetwode is growing strongly in this context of economic recovery. The company has become an important player in the field of industrial financing in Europe. Chetwode has had a volume of almost 150 million euros. The company continues to expand internationally with new transactions in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Slovakia.

Find out more about the Chetwode team by clicking here.

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