Industry financing: conference in Lille

Industry financing: on 13th October 2016, the prestigious Hermitage Gantois in Lille hosted a conference organized by ChetWode in partnership with Deloitte and DFCG Nord Pas de Calais, on the theme:

Industry Financing: new ways of boosting growth

Industry financing: conference in Lille

Co-animated by Chetwode and Deloitte, this conference brought together many industry and finance representatives, with a focus on the following subjects:

  • Recent changes in the financing of industrial companies – Deloitte
  • Financing needs expressed by most SMEs and intermediate size companies – DFCG
  • Alternative lenders’/investors’ capability to finance industrial companies – Acofi Gestion
  • Overview of financing solutions available on the market – Chetwode

The highlight of this conference was the feedback delivered by Laurent Lesange (CFO of Verescence), on the sale and leaseback financing implemented by Chetwode and Acofi. As traditional banks were reluctant to set up a medium-term credit line for Verescence, Chetwode’s know-how allowed them to benefit from a 5M€ financing over 5 years, based on recent equipment but also and above all, on old and well-maintained equipment.

As a proof of their satisfaction, Verescence are now working with Chetwode, on the implementation of new financing solutions in France and Spain.


  • Olivier Magnin – Deloitte Conseil Finance
  • Lionel Mailly – DFCG Nord Pas de Calais
  • Antoine Alopeau – FIM/CMGM
  • Guillaume de Charry – Acofi Gestion
  • Stéphane Rigaut – Chetwode
  • Laurent Lesange – Verescence

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