Industry financing: 6.2M€ in favour of Chargeurs Group

Dedicated to industry financing with a focus on strategic industrial equipment, the PREDIREC Leasing Stratégique fund created by ACOFI Gestion and Chetwode in July 2014, has implemented a 6.2M€ financing in favour of  Chargeurs Fashion Technologies (Chargeurs Group), leading global player in garment interlining, and its French industrial site, Lainière de Picardie.

The PREDIREC Leasing Stratégique fund breaks the 100 M€ financing threshold

As a division of Chargeurs Group, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies, the world’s second largest garment interlining manufacturer and key player in the fashion industry, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of fusible woven interlinings worldwide, thanks to its 7 production sites and 25 commercial offices worldwide. Chargeurs Fashion Technologies employs 857 people worldwide and recorded a 157,5 M€ turnover in 2015.

In spring 2014, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies first called upon the services of Chetwode, European specialist in industry financing and ACOFI, a major player in the creation and management of lending funds, to support its development projects and diversify its financing sources. The objective was the setting up of a sale & leaseback funding on the Lainière de Picardie production equipment, amounting to 4M€.

In 2016, following a return to a significant revenue growth and improved operational performance, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies wished to enlarge the scope of the initial funding put in place in 2014, in order to ensure Lainière de Picardie more profitable commercial and industrial opportunities, optimize their industrial production equipment and target new clothing niches.

The combined experience in structuring and fund sourcing of Chetwode, European specialist in industrial asset financing, and its partner ACOFI, forerunner in the creation and management of lending funds to the real economy, meant that by June 2016, a new sale & leaseback funding for 6,2 M€ was put in place by Berivo, the leasing company under their management and which they established in 2014.

Rémy Husson, Chargeurs Group CFO, commented that “this operation is the result of the trust built up over several years with ACOFI and Chetwode. Their expertise in industrial equipment and perfect understanding of the company’s business model, enabled us to quickly obtain the financing required to support our development”.

Chetwode and ACOFI thanked Chargeurs Group for their renewed confidence: “We are delighted by the work and results achieved together and we are proud of the renewed confidence expressed by Chargeurs Group. It demonstrates the capacity of Chetwode and ACOFI to support companies in the long run, toward the achievement of their financial objectives in favour of sustainable employment», state Jean-Baptiste Magnen, President of Chetwode and Nolwenn Simon, Manager of the PREDIREC Leasing Stratégique fund.

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