Chetwode continues to grow with stock financing

Chetwode continues to grow with stock financing

The Covid 19 crisis has created inventory expenses for companies in their supply chain. To meet this need, Chetwode opened a new subsidiary “Chetwode Inventory Services” in December 2021.

We will first find out why this need for financing has arisen and then how Chetwode has responded to this demand with an example.

1. Why is there an increased need for stock financing for businesses?

The Covid 19 crisis has led to “overstocking” and therefore to the creation of additional expenses for some companies.

They lacked visibility, raw material prices rose and travel time was extended.

Chetwode noticed an increase in requests from companies who were urgently seeking leverage to support their development with a capital raising with their asset base. Stocks now represent a financial value to be optimised.

Chetwode a remarqué une augmentation des demandes des entreprises qui étaient en recherche pressante de levier pour soutenir leur développement avec une levée de fonds avec comme base de leurs actifs. Les stocks représentent aujourd’hui une valeur financière à optimiser.

2. How does Chetwode respond to this demand for stock financing?

Chetwode has specialised since 2009 in financing for industrial companies, particularly in sale and leaseback financing of inventory and equipment assets.

In December 2021, Chetwode created a new subsidiary, “Chetwode Inventory Services”, which is totally dedicated to the purchase and financing of inventories and to a management service for complementary services such as operational management, particularly for the physical control of inventories in storage facilities.

3. An example of implementation

“Chetwode Inventory Services has already implemented a €40 million financial operation by purchasing the stock of a French retail company.

Chetwode continues to expand in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, UK, Slovakia, Italy and Spain) and inventory finance is a major growth objective for the company. It is looking at a future transaction volume of €175 million in 2022.

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