Asset management companies still performing well

Les sociétés de gestion d’actifs réalisent encore un bel exploit

The latest report from the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) shows that the asset management sector in France is growing strongly. The number of companies is estimated at 708 by the end of 2021. The development of companies in this field is linked to that of the investment profession. In this article, you will discover what an asset management company is, then what their performance is currently and finally why they are developing ?

1. What is an asset management company ?

Asset management companies manage investor-owned or proprietary funds within a framework that respects the laws and regulations and the objectives clearly set by the fund owner. This management allows beneficiaries to benefit from the best performing investments.



2. What are the records of asset management companies today ?

The numbers are strong, as the AMF has admitted 42 new asset management companies since last year. This means that there are now 708 such companies in France. 70% of these companies are independent.

Moreover, in 2020, fund assets grew by 8%. That is 4,450 billion euros. Moreover, this has been multiplied by two in 15 years.

3. What makes asset management companies successful ?

First, the field of management companies benefited from the growth of the financial markets and then from the exceptional inflows. Most of the companies wanted an authorisation to deal with UCITS or alternative funds. There is therefore a growth in non-traded funds. The majority of the projects carried out by these approved companies (70%) concern private equity (Sapaudia Partners, La Maison Partners, Peqan, etc.) and real estate (Axipit, RedTree, Beaureale, etc.).

To conclude, these figures point to a bright future for asset management companies. You can find another article on the dynamics of the financial market here.

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