Industry Financing – Conference in Nantes

Industry financing: on Thursday 19th october 2017, the prestigious Domaine de la Gournerie in Saint-Herblain (Nantes) hosted a conference organized by ChetWode, in partnership with Deloitte and DFCG Bretagne Pays de Loire, on the theme:

Industry Financing : new ways of boosting growth

 conference on industry financing in Nantes

Co-animated by ChetWode and Deloitte, this conference brought together industry and finance representatives, with a focus on the following subjects:

  • Recent changes in the financing of industrial companies – Deloitte
  • Financing needs expressed by most SMEs and intermediate size companies – DFCG
  • Alternative lenders’/investors’ capability to finance industrial companies – Acofi Gestion
  • Overview of financing solutions available on the market – ChetWode

Benoît Filiot, Unipackaging‘s CFO gave us his feedback on the setting up of a sale and leaseback financing on 6 production sites.

Founded over thirty years ago, UNI Packaging is a family company that produces and processes flexible packaging solutions for the food industry. Its strong and aggressive investment policy allowed it to develop its product range and strengthen its position in more than 15 countries across Europe and the emerging markets.

UNI Packaging called upon the services of ChetWode in February 2015, to assist in obtaining the financing required to support its development strategy.  A sale & leaseback funding for 3,77M€ was put in place, allowing UNI Packaging to develop its activities in Europe, namely through new acquisitions, and strengthen its position in the packaging marketplace.

nantes cocktailntThe conference ended with a networking cocktail following a session of fruitful interactions with participants,  who showed a particular interest in the subject !

conference on industry financing cocktail

Speakers :

  • Armel Pédron – Deloitte Finance Ouest
  • Richard Loutellier – DFCG Bretagne Pays de Loire
  • Olivier Magnin – Deloitte Conseil Finance
  • Jean-Baptiste Magnen – ChetWode
  • Antoine Alopeau – FIM/CMGM
  • Benoit Méon – Acofi Gestion
  • Damien Boulangeat – ChetWode
  • Benoît Filiot – Unipackaging
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