33M€ grand finale for the Predirec Leasing Stratégique Fund

Industry financing: the Predirec Leasing Stratégique fund crosses the investment finish line with 5 transactions for a total amount of 33M€

industry financing : 5 transactions for a total amount of 33M€

Dedicated to the financing of strategic industrial equipment, the Predirec Leasing Stratégique fund created by ACOFI Gestion and ChetWode in July 2014, is nearing the 200M€ financing threshold.

With transactions between 3 and 22M€, this fund has supported the growth of major industry companies from which Verescence, Arc, Chargeurs Group, Saint-Jean Industries etc…, located throughout Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain) and operating in diverse sectors (automotive, packaging, textile, energy, food and beverages…).

this success relies on a know-how combining solid technical skills in debt fund management and a recognized expertise in the field of strategic industrial equipment financing. Relying on the fundamentals of financial analysis, the Predirec Leasing Stratégique fund managed to combine an original approach based on the valuation of industrial equipments and an in-depth knowledge of the companies’ business model.

On 17th July 2017, the Predirec Leasing Stratégique fund ended its investment period with 33M€ raised in France and Spain, in favour of Jean Caby (cured meat specialities), Lacrem (ice creams), Abzac (cardboard tubes), Camsel (wood transformation) et Arc (tableware): a nice “grand finale” which brings to 197 M€, the total of financing transactions put in place.

Simon Hamilton and Jean-Baptiste Magnen, co-founders of ChetWode state: «we are very happy to have successfully launched with institutional investors, the first strategic leasing fund in Continental Europe with the help of Acofi. This success will be shortly followed by other initiatives to support the growth of European SMEs».

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