As a financing services provider, ChetWode has since 2003, arranged 146 equipment financing transactions, for a total amount exceeding 850M€.

Relying on its particular expertise in “Origination/structuration” and “Equipment valuation”, ChetWode has developed an operating method along 3 axes (tri-criteria analysis):

  • Financial analysis,
  • Equipment valuation,
  • Structuration of guarantees.

A unique combination of expertise

  • Highly skilled equipment experts:

Valuation, recovery and repossession of industrial assets

  • Financial arrangement expertise

Origination, structuring and closing of leasing and sale and leaseback transactions

  • Fund and transaction management

Management of leasing investment funds: reporting, rent invoicing and recovery

  • Other services

Financial advisory services for industrial companies and transaction structuring for third parties (banks, major companies)

A wide range of financing services

Thanks to a privileged network of investment funds, banks and specialised investors, our team can offer structured financing solutions to any industrial company, from SMEs to large listed companies.

ChetWode has developed a wide range of services enabling it to address the most complex financing requirements :

  • Structuring the leasing of new equipment and existing equipment via sale & leaseback
  • Management of leasing investment funds
  • Inclusion of all types of equipment, both standard & bespoke (excluding real estate, IT and private cars)
  • Stock financing (in partnership with Actène)
  • Structured transactions (including residual values, multi-jurisdiction arrangements, operating leasing)
  • Researching alternative sources of financing and new investors (privileged partnerships with European investors (Abbey International, SQN Capital Management)
  • Financial advice (collateralised loans, mezzanine debt, strengthening of shareholder equity etc)

financing services

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